Coconut Habitat Phase - 1

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The Coconut Habitat Farm

Coconut farming is gaining popularity in India, one of the best producers of coconut in the world. It is the next best thing to take part in. So, if you are thinking of pursuing investment in agriculture, coconut habitat is the one for you!

Did you know that a single coconut plant can easily sustain for 65 years? Yes! This is an investment not just for you but for your coming along generations as well.

You would assume from the name that all we have to offer is coconuts, but that would be incorrect. In addition to the coconut plantations, we are also offering Mahogany timber plantations.

Coconut Habitat Farm is a managed farmland gated community spread across 80 acres of land with abundant Coconut Trees and Mahogany Trees, adjacent to NH44 and located near to the KIA Motors.

Our Offerings

For Your Better Day Get Host of Amenities Inside

Big tent house stays


Kids play area

Tramplone for kids

Bonfire area

Gardening area


Good sit out

Badminton court/ Volleyball court

Football turf/cricket ground

Livestock area


Model house

Fountain in front of the model house

Street lights


CCTV survelliance on the roads

Co-working office

Gravel road

Water & Electric facilities

Excitement Reloaded

The Art of reaping more than sowing

Here’s the upside of owning a managed farmland: we make sure that you savour all the privileges of the investment seeds you have sowed without a single worry. Coconut Habitat Farm puts you in contact with mother earth, offering you a safe and relaxing getaway to build the ideal place to escape the city's hustle and bustle, while also growing your investments side by side.

20 min from KIA motors manufacturing unit
2km off of the state highway.
12km from a 50 acre upcoming government medical college
10 min from the nearest city Penukonda.
5 min away from a nearby resort
5 min away from the windmills with a scenic mountain View.
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A Perfect Weekend Getaway
Your Farmland is a pleasant gateway destination for weekends or day outings Farm lands have appreciated better than urban real estate, Gold and equities.You can choose multiple varieties of fruit-bearing, flowering or timber trees to be grown on your farm.Farmland are quite cheap relative to any financial assets, and one can get a reasonable rental yield or farm yield.
Hottest Investment Zone
With the rise of development on National Highway (India), the corporate world is leaving its footprints with the upcoming 3600 Acres Tekulodu Corporate Zone. Mark your growth trajectory among the corporate giants like Bharat Electronics Ltd., Kia Motors, APADE Industrial Park, NACEN, Thumkunta Industrial Area, & Tekolodu Corporate Zone etc.
Surrounded by Heavenly Vibes
World's biggest Single Stone Nandi Monolith, Famous Hanging Pillar, India's one of biggest Nagalinga, Footprints of Mata Sita & finest specimens of Mural Paintings at Lepakshi Temple and Jatayu Theme Park are some of India's ancient jewels. These famous world heritages witnesses more than 4 lakhs visitors every year.

Gift your loved ones a piece of Ancient Indian Heritage that connects your family to the roots of history.

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Build the house of your dreams surrounded by lush greenery while easily expanding your investment capital.Farmland investing is an excellent opportunity to invest in something tangible that will provide a consistent return for you and your future generations.

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