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Importance of Van Mahotsav: A Festival of Environmental Harmony

Van Mahotsav is a festival of trees. In this guide, we will talk about the importance of Van Mahotsav, its historical roots, and its objectives.
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What are Wetlands and Drylands? Delving Into Nature's Unique Water Worlds

Want to know what are wetlands and drylands? In this guide, we will take a deep dive into these types of lands, their importance, and how to conserve them.
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Can NRIs Buy Agricultural Land in India? Exploring the Possibilities

Are you an NRI and want to buy land in India? In this blog, we have answered the question, Can NRIs buy agricultural land in India?
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Your Guide to Agriculture Land Registration Process in Karnataka

Agriculture land registration process in Karnataka can be a long process. In this guide, we will highlight the entire process and simplify it.
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5 Types of Agricultural Land in India

There are different types of agricultural land in India. If you are a farming enthusiast and want to find the types, we have mentioned in this concise guide.
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Farmland for Sale in Karnataka - What You Should Know

Want to know about farmland for sale in Karnataka? Know the benefits, considerations, and legal dimensions of agriculture land for sale in Karnataka.
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Agriculture Land Registration Charges - State-wise Stamp Duty Rates

If you are looking for a list of state-wise stamp duty rates, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we have the list of agriculture land registration charges.
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How to convert Agricultural land to Residential in India? The Complete Process

Want to know how to convert agricultural land to residential? In this detailed guide, we have mentioned the entire process along with the fees charged.
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Agricultural Land Reform in India: Various Movements and Measures Taken By the Government.

The Indian agricultural space has undergone various transformations. In this guide, we will shed light on agricultural land reforms in India over the years.
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A Simple Guide to Getting Agricultural Land Mortgage in India

Want an agricultural land mortgage? This short guide will help you get a mortgage loan against agricultural land in India with a step-by-step process.
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Decoding Capital Gains On The Sale Of Agricultural Land in India

Planning to sell your agricultural land? In that case, you have to know about capital gains on the sale of agricultural land in India. Read on to learn more.
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Water Management In Tropical Farmlands - A Few Strategies

Water management in tropical farmlands is a challenge because of the extreme duality in the weather. Find out how tropical farmlands yield crops in such conditions.
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Farmland Prices Over Time in India: A Comprehensive Analysis

In this blog post, we will delve into the historical trends and key factors that have shaped farmland prices over time in India.
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Best Farmland Asset Management Companies

This blog delves into the leading farmland asset management firms in India, their impact on the agriculture industry, and their efforts.
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Cost to Lease Farmland in India: Unlocking the Potential

Want to know the cost to lease farmland in India? In this guide, we have mentioned several factors that affect the lease rates for agricultural land.
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