1 Acre Land Price In India: What You Need To Know

Published on:
June 10, 2024

​​Exploring the fascinating world of land costs in India, this blog aims to simplify the complexities involved in understanding how much is 1 acre land price In India. We'll break down the key factors that influence these costs, using simple language and real-world examples.

Understanding Land Prices

Think of land cost as the price tag on a piece of land, measured per unit area (like per acre). In recent years, these prices have been going up in India. For example, in March 2023, the average land cost was around 157.919 INR per acre, which is quite a jump from previous years.

 What's Driving Up Prices?

  • More Cities, More Demand: As cities grow, more people need places to live and work. This means more demand for land, which drives prices higher.
  • Better Infrastructure: Land near highways, airports, and other facilities is more valuable because it's easier to get to. So, if a plot of land is close to these things, its price goes up.
  • Government Rules and Incentives: Sometimes, government rules or incentives can affect land prices. For example, if the government makes it easier to build on certain land, its price might go up.
  • Supply and Demand: Just like with anything else, when there's more demand for land in a certain area, its price goes up. This can happen if a lot of people want to live or work there.
  • Location Matters: Land near the coast or in pretty places can be more expensive because people want to live there. Likewise, land near industrial areas can also cost more because it's in high demand.
  • What You Can Do with the Land: Whether you can build a house, a factory, or grow crops on the land affects its price. Different uses come with different price tags.
  • Easy Access: If a piece of land is easy to get to by road or public transport, it's more valuable. So, well-connected areas tend to have higher prices.
  • Nature's Value: Sometimes, the natural qualities of the land, like good soil or being in an environmentally sensitive area, can also affect its price.

Making Sense of it All

Understanding why land costs what it does can help us make better decisions, whether we're buying land for farming, building a house, or starting a business. It's like understanding why the price of something in a store is high or low – it helps us know if it's worth it.

So, the next time you hear about land prices going up or down, you'll have a better idea of why that might be happening.

The price of land varies a lot depending on which part of India you're in. Let's break it down:

  • Northeastern States: Land here tends to be cheaper. That's because these places usually focus more on farming, and there aren't as many people living there, so land prices stay low.
  • Southern States: In places like Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, land prices are kind of in the middle. They're not super cheap, but they're not crazy expensive either. That's because these states have a good mix of cities and farmland.

Each state has its own 1 acre land price. Here's a list to give you an idea:

State Average Cost Per Acre (in INR)
Andhra Pradesh ₹15,00,000
Assam ₹1,50,000
Bihar ₹3,00,000
Chhattisgarh ₹2,00,000
Delhi ₹1,00,00,000 (Yep, it's really expensive!)
Goa ₹10,00,000
Gujarat ₹4,00,000
Haryana ₹8,00,000
Himachal Pradesh ₹8,50,000
Jammu and Kashmir ₹4,50,000
Jharkhand ₹4,00,000
Karnataka ₹10,00,000
Kerala ₹9,00,000
Madhya Pradesh ₹4,50,000
Maharashtra ₹15,00,000
Manipur ₹3,50,000
Meghalaya ₹2,50,000
Mizoram ₹2,50,000
Nagaland ₹2,50,000
Odisha ₹5,50,000
Punjab ₹10,00,000
Rajasthan ₹10,00,000
Sikkim ₹4,00,000
Tamil Nadu ₹20,00,000
Telangana ₹25,00,000
Tripura ₹3,50,000
Uttar Pradesh ₹4,00,000
Uttarakhand ₹3,50,000
West Bengal ₹5,00,000

This table gives you an idea of how much is 1 acre land price in India.

1 Acre Agricultural Land Price

Agricultural land holds immense significance in India, as it is the primary source of sustenance for over half of the population, being the backbone of their survival. However, the pricing of agricultural land varies greatly across different states and regions, influenced by factors such as soil quality, water availability, infrastructure, demand and supply dynamics, and government policies.

Here's the average  1 acre agricultural land price in some states:

  • Karnataka: ₹0.93 crore
  • Telangana: ₹0.81 crore
  • Andhra Pradesh: ₹0.77 crore
  • Uttar Pradesh: ₹0.58 crore
  • Maharashtra: ₹0.49 crore
  • Tamil Nadu: ₹0.47 crore

Urban Land Cost vs. Rural Land Cost In India

Land is like treasure—everyone wants it because there's not much to go around! Whether it's in the city or out in the countryside, land prices depend on a bunch of things like where it is, how good it is, and what it could become. Generally, land in cities costs more than in rural areas because cities offer more stuff like shops, jobs, and good roads. 

But hold on! It's not a simple rule. Different states have different things going on, like how much industry they have, how many people live there, and how much farming happens. So, the difference in land prices between city and country isn't the same everywhere.

Let's take a peek at some numbers to see the difference in 1 acre cost in India:

State Urban Cost (in Rs. crore) Rural Cost (in Rs. lakh)
Maharashtra 306 15
Delhi 306 15
Tamil Nadu 153 7.5
Karnataka 153 7.5
Gujarat 76.5 3.75
West Bengal 76.5 3.75
Uttar Pradesh 38.25 1.88
Rajasthan 38.25 1.88
Madhya Pradesh 19.13 0.94
Bihar 19.13 0.94

See, it's like a see-saw, with land prices going up and down depending on where you look!

Residential Land Prices

Residential land’s 1 acre cost in India varies across states due to factors such as demand and location. Upon closer examination, these variations are influenced by financial considerations. Typically, land prices tend to be lower in northern states. However, with ongoing urbanization, prices may be higher in southern areas. Population density and infrastructure development play crucial roles in shaping this multifaceted landscape. 

Here's the average 1 acre cost in India of residential land in some states:

State Average Cost Per Acre (in INR)
Delhi ₹10,00,00,000
Haryana ₹1,00,00,000
Uttar Pradesh ₹50,00,000
Maharashtra ₹2,00,00,000
Karnataka ₹1,50,00,000
Tamil Nadu ₹1,00,00,000
Telangana ₹80,00,000
Kerala ₹60,00,000
West Bengal ₹40,00,000
Gujarat ₹30,00,000
Rajasthan ₹20,00,000
Madhya Pradesh ₹15,00,000

Commercial Land Prices

Commercial land refers to properties used for businesses like offices, shops, hotels, and malls. It's generally pricier than residential land because it's in higher demand and can make more money. But how much you pay for commercial land depends on where it is, how big it is, what facilities it has, and the rules for using it.

Here's how much is  the cost of 1 acre land price in India for commercial land in some states:

State Average Cost of Commercial Land Per Acre (in Rs)
Delhi ₹50 crores
Haryana ₹40 crores
Uttar Pradesh ₹30 crores
Maharashtra ₹25 crores
Karnataka ₹20 crores
Tamil Nadu ₹15 crores
Telangana ₹10 crores
Gujarat ₹8 crores
West Bengal ₹7 crores
Rajasthan ₹6 crores

Industrial land is where factories, warehouses, and storage facilities are set up. They're usually located in special zones meant for industries, with basic facilities provided by the government or private developers.

The price of industrial land in India depends on several things like its location, size, and how much people want it. Different states have different prices based on how developed they are and how much land is available.

Here's the average 1 acre land price in India for industrial land in some states:

State Average Price Per Acre (in INR)
Andhra Pradesh 15 lakhs
Assam 10 lakhs
Bihar 12 lakhs
Chhattisgarh 8 lakhs
Gujarat 20 lakhs
Haryana 25 lakhs
Himachal Pradesh 12 lakhs
Jammu and Kashmir 15 lakhs
Jharkhand 10 lakhs
Karnataka 18 lakhs
Kerala 22 lakhs
Madhya Pradesh 10 lakhs
Maharashtra 25 lakhs
Odisha 12 lakhs
Punjab 18 lakhs
Rajasthan 15 lakhs
Tamil Nadu 20 lakhs
Telangana 18 lakhs
Uttar Pradesh 15 lakhs
Uttarakhand 12 lakhs
West Bengal 15 lakhs

Land Cost in Special Economic Zones (SEZs) Special Economic Zones (SEZs) are like special zones in India that offer great deals to attract businesses and create jobs. They've been around since 2000, with rules made in 2005 to help manage them. Right now, India has 270 active SEZs in different fields like tech, biotech, clothes, jewelry, and medicine.

If you're thinking of starting a business in an SEZ, one thing you'll want to know is how much it costs for land. Land cost means how much money you need to buy land for your business or to set up a factory. This cost changes depending on where the land is, how big it is, and if there's enough of it available. It also depends on how many people want land and how many people are selling it. That's because it's affected by things like how much the country's economy is growing, how good the roads and buildings are, and how many people live there.

Here's an idea of 1 acre price for land in different states for SEZs:

State Average Land Cost Per Acre (cr)
Andhra Pradesh 2.5
Gujarat 3
Bihar 12 lakhs
Haryana 4
Karnataka 5
Kerala 2
Maharashtra 6
Tamil Nadu 3.5
Telangana 4.5
Uttar Pradesh 2

In places like Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Haryana, the land costs a lot more for SEZs. But in Kerala and Uttar Pradesh, it's cheaper. Within each state, the cost can be different depending on where exactly you're looking and what kind of SEZ you want to set up.

Land Prices in Big Cities

The cost of land in major cities is mainly influenced by how well the economy is doing and how developed the infrastructure is. Cities with strong economic growth, like Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore, often have high demand for land, leading to higher prices. The quality of roads, railways, airports, and public transportation systems also affects land prices. Cities that invest in improving these infrastructures, such as Gurgaon and Hyderabad, often see land prices rise significantly.

Government regulations also play a role in determining land prices. Rules that restrict land use, like zoning laws, tend to drive prices up. On the other hand, government incentives for specific land uses, such as affordable housing schemes, can lower prices.

Here's a breakdown of 1 acre price  in some major cities:

City State Average Cost Per Acre (in INR)
Mumbai Maharashtra 33.26 crore
Delhi Delhi 24.64 crore
Bangalore Karnataka 14.40 crore
Chennai Tamil Nadu 9.60 crore
Hyderabad Telangana 8.64 crore
Kolkata West Bengal 7.68 crore
Pune Maharashtra 6.72 crore
Ahmedabad Gujarat 4.32 crore

Land Prices in Tier-2 and Tier-3 Cities

Tier-2 cities are those with populations between 50,000 to 99,999, while Tier-3 cities have populations between 20,000 to 49,999. Examples of Tier-2 cities include Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Kanpur, Patna, Jaipur, Cochin, Pondicherry, and more. Tier-3 cities include Guwahati, Amritsar, Surat, Vadodara, Nashik, Trichy, and others.

Here's the average cost of land per acre in these cities:

  • Andhra Pradesh: ₹15 lakhs
  • Assam: ₹10 lakhs
  • Bihar: ₹12 lakhs
  • Chhattisgarh: ₹8 lakhs
  • Gujarat: ₹20 lakhs
  • Haryana: ₹25 lakhs
  • Himachal Pradesh: ₹12 lakhs
  • Jammu and Kashmir: ₹15 lakhs
  • Jharkhand: ₹10 lakhs
  • Karnataka: ₹18 lakhs
  • Kerala: ₹22 lakhs
  • Madhya Pradesh: ₹10 lakhs
  • Maharashtra: ₹25 lakhs
  • Odisha: ₹12 lakhs
  • Punjab: ₹18 lakhs
  • Rajasthan: ₹15 lakhs
  • Tamil Nadu: ₹20 lakhs
  • Telangana: ₹18 lakhs
  • Uttar Pradesh: ₹15 lakhs
  • Uttarakhand: ₹12 lakhs
  • West Bengal: ₹15 lakhs

In these cities, land prices are generally more affordable compared to big cities. Here's why investing in land here can be a good idea:

You can get more land for your money compared to cities like Mumbai or Delhi.

The value of land in these cities has the potential to increase over time, especially as more people move in and businesses grow.

Investing in land here can be a good way to earn money, either by selling it later at a higher price or by renting it out to others.

These cities might also benefit from government projects that aim to improve infrastructure and living standards, which could make the land even more valuable in the future.

Final Thoughts

In India, the price of land is influenced by many things. When cities grow bigger and better, land prices tend to go up. Places that attract tourists also see higher prices. But in smaller cities, land can be cheaper. Along the coast, where there are beaches and tourist spots, land prices can change a lot because of tourism and government rules about protecting the environment. Also, a law passed in 2013 affects how much compensation people get when their land is used for big projects.


1. How much is 1 acre of land worth in India?

The cost of 1 acre of land in India can vary a lot based on where it is, what it's used for, and other factors like how developed the area is and what the government says about it. In simpler terms, land prices can range from a few lakhs to several crores per acre. For instance, if the land is out in the countryside and used for farming, it might be cheaper, while land in cities or popular areas could be super expensive, going for millions per acre. So, it's not just about the size but also where it is and what it's for that determines the price.

2. Where is land cheapest in India?

Land tends to be cheaper in rural or less developed areas compared to urban or highly developed regions. States with lower levels of industrialization, urbanization, or tourism often have cheaper land prices. Generally, northeastern states like Assam, Bihar, and Jharkhand, as well as central Indian states like Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, are known for relatively lower land costs. These areas typically have more agricultural land and fewer urban developments, leading to lower demand and thus lower prices for land.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does 1 acre of land cost in Bangalore?
1 acre in Bangalore could cost around 55-60 lakhs.
2. Is it good to buy agricultural land in Bangalore?
100%! Agricultural land in Bangalore is a dream come true, given the area, location, and the returns offered at your investment.
3. Which area is best for agriculture in Karnataka?
Naganpally is considered to be a prime location for an investment considering the attractions in its close vicinity amongst others such as Gulbarga, Belagavi, Tumakuru, Raichur, Vijayapura, Bagalkot, etc.
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