What are the Benefits of Investing in Agricultural Land?

Published on:
April 10, 2023

Entrepreneurs in India are increasingly looking for creative methods to generate returns on their investments as a result of the country's rising purchasing power. The purchase of farms is one such strategy. Some investors still view such properties as commodities, but another group increases their earnings by capitalizing on the expanding organic food market.

Several experts believe investing in agricultural lands is secure since they frequently provide greater returns than other investments and provide investors with financial security.

The potential returns from the many agricultural property types located in and near metropolitan cities in India are of interest to many urban businessmen. Due to the rising cost of urban property and its scarcity, the market saw an increase in demand for various types of agricultural land.

It can be purchased by urban investors to develop it themselves or to sell it for a profit. Agricultural property is more inexpensive than urban land. The investors anticipate some very excellent returns in terms of resale value. Right after this includes a portion around ‘Is farmland a good investment?’ 

Is Investing in Agricultural Land a Smart Move? Is farmland a good investment? 

Advantages of investing in farmland

Let's say a piece of agricultural land is situated near an area that the federal and state governments have designated as having infrastructure projects that will be completed soon. Then, it unquestionably provides some long-term profits. As with any land-related project, your asset wouldn't lose value over time. For apartments, flats, etc., this isn't true.

With time, the building's quality and general structure deteriorate, necessitating expensive maintenance costs for the owner. This farmland investment strategy has made many Indians in tier 2 and tier 3 towns wealthy because, in addition to saving you money on maintenance costs, investing in high-quality, rich agricultural property in a favorable location also gives you the freedom to use that particular plot of land for various purposes down the road!

For a number of reasons, investing in agricultural land can be a sensible choice. The advantages of purchasing agricultural land in India are listed below.

High rate of appreciation

Compared to other forms of property, agricultural land in India is recognized to value more quickly. Recent statistics indicate that agricultural land in India is appreciating at a pace of 10% to 12% annually.

Tax advantages

Purchasing agricultural land may offer tax advantages. For instance, specific restrictions apply to the tax exemption of income from agricultural land.

Agricultural land investments might be an excellent strategy to diversify your portfolio. This may lower risk and boost rewards.


As agricultural land is a physical asset, it is less prone to market swings and economic downturns.

Advantages of Agricultural Land for Business

Although buying a piece of real estate or a plot of land has many benefits, some people wonder if investing in agricultural land in India is a wise idea, especially because such investments come with certain risks. 

This is particularly accurate if the purchaser does not carefully review the property's papers. States have made it easier for investors to get all land-related information online, but there is still a lot of care needed to make sure that all the documentation is in place and that there are no forgeries.

The following are some benefits of investing in the agricultural real estate market:

  • The returns on capital are higher than those of stock and share investments as a result of the expansion of organic farming and changes in consumer preferences and inclinations. With this agricultural land investment, investors put up less work and incur fewer costs overall than with any other investment, but rewards are higher.
  • The overall value of the property is less because the owners shared the expense of establishing the land. As a result, a buyer of these plots must pay less.
  • Compared to flats or houses, buying an agricultural property offers two key benefits: Agricultural land does not lose value and the corresponding maintenance expenditures can be avoided. Investors shouldn't worry that the plot's value would decrease with time.
  • Compared to flats or houses, buying an agricultural property offers two key benefits: One, not having to pay for its care might result in financial savings, and secondly, agricultural fields do not require

How can your agricultural land become a profitable investment?

The following tactics will help you turn your land investment into a profitable venture:

  • Create a blog to chronicle your most current agricultural adventures.
  • Make a beehive farm a popular tourist destination.
  • Depending on your location, you might be allowed to rent it out for neighborhood gardening.
  • Plant seeds are sold online.
  • Giving farm-related tours or lessons might make buying farmland as an investment rewarding.
  • If the soil is fertile, grow unique flowers to sell at the local market.
  • Online retailers may cultivate and sell herbs.
  • Use the land to generate solar energy.
  • Offer to assist with pet sitting or kid care in exchange for the money you paid for a 1-acre agricultural property parcel.

How to invest in agricultural land in India?

Steps to take

Here are some actions to take if buying agricultural land in India is something you're thinking about:

  1. Do an in-depth study on the land you are interested in, taking into account its location, soil condition, and water accessibility.
  2. Test the soil to see if it is suitable for farming and to assess the soil's quality.
  3. Documentation: Check to see that all paperwork pertaining to the land acquisition is in order and that you have all the required licenses and permissions.
  4. Budget: Establish a budget and make sure you have enough money to pay for the land's purchase price as well as any other costs like fencing and irrigation.
  5. Verify the land's legal status by checking to see if the title is uncontested and if any litigation is currently underway.

India's lowest-cost agricultural land

In India, the price of agricultural land can vary significantly based on factors including location, soil type, and water accessibility. Nonetheless, there are areas in India where farmland is reasonably priced. 

For instance, current reports claim that agricultural property in states like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan is comparatively less expensive than land in other sections of the nation.

Indian farmland appreciation rate

As previously indicated, agricultural land in India appreciates at a rate of 10% to 12% annually. Compared to other properties kinds including residential and commercial real estate, this rate is greater. Recent statistics indicate that the value of agricultural land in India has been continuously rising over time.

Investing in Agricultural Land FAQs

1. What are the advantages of owning agricultural land?

Having an agricultural property is a good way to build wealth over the long term. Agriculture-related income is exempt from income tax. The country-wide imbalance between supply and demand is what drives up the cost of agricultural commodities.

2. What distinguishes agricultural land from farmland?

Cultivable land is land that can be utilized for farming. In contrast, the term "farmland" might apply to any cultivable land, all agricultural land, or merely the newly constrained definition of "arable land."

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does 1 acre of land cost in Bangalore?
1 acre in Bangalore could cost around 55-60 lakhs.
2. Is it good to buy agricultural land in Bangalore?
100%! Agricultural land in Bangalore is a dream come true, given the area, location, and the returns offered at your investment.
3. Which area is best for agriculture in Karnataka?
Naganpally is considered to be a prime location for an investment considering the attractions in its close vicinity amongst others such as Gulbarga, Belagavi, Tumakuru, Raichur, Vijayapura, Bagalkot, etc.
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