Transform Your Homestead With These Farmhouse Landscaping Ideas

Published on:
September 30, 2023

Farmhouse landscaping revolves around embracing the beauty of wide-open views and the peaceful charm of rural surroundings. Even if you reside in a non-rural area, you can create a landscaping plan that captures the essence of that laid-back country aesthetic.

Taking inspiration from the simplicity of country living, this design style combines natural materials, rough textures, and organic shapes with some modern elements to give it a fresh, updated look. The idea is to strike a balance between the cosy, nostalgic feel of a classic farmhouse and the clean, simple lines of modern design.

In this kind of setting, you'll often see things like aged wood, stone, metal accents, lots of green plants, and carefully chosen plant arrangements that make you feel like you're surrounded by nature's beauty that never gets old. The result is a peaceful and inviting outdoor space that goes perfectly with the farmhouse style and gives you a spot to relax, socialize, and enjoy the outdoors.

Do’s and Dont's of Farmhouse Landscaping Designs


  • Find Repeating Patterns: Look around your property and notice any repeating shapes or lines in the buildings or land. For instance, if your roof has a certain curve, you can use similar lines in your pathways. This makes your home and the outdoor space blend nicely.
  • Use Soft Colours: Keep your plant choices and decorations in gentle colours like white, light blue, and natural green shades. These colours work well with a country-style theme. Try to match the colours you have inside your home with what you use outside. It makes everything look harmonious.
  • Embrace the Views: Take advantage of any beautiful views you have. Plan your landscaping in a way that makes these views even more stunning. Whether it's picturesque trees, rolling hills, or anything else, make sure you can see and enjoy them from both inside and outside your home.
  • Go Local with Materials: If you want your country home to feel like it belongs in its natural surroundings, use materials that come from your local area. Think about using rocks, boulders, or stones that are native to your region. It gives your rural home a touch of elegance that comes from fitting in with the environment.


  • No Plastics or Metals: Avoid using plastic or metal borders in a country garden. These artificial materials can disrupt the natural look of your garden beds. Instead, create a deep separation between your lawn and garden beds, and regularly trim it with a line trimmer to maintain clean borders.
  • Choose The Right Plants: Make sure you choose the right plants for your garden. It's important to consider the specific needs of each plant. Think about whether they need sun or shade, thrive in wet or dry soil, and select plants that match these conditions. This ensures a healthy and vibrant landscape.
  • Don’t Let Weed Grow: Don't let weeding become a weekend chore. To control weeds, consider covering the ground with compost. However, the best way to keep weeds at bay is by planting ground cover plants in abundance. Consider using plants like Carex and Liriope, which not only prevent weeds but also add a lush and elegant touch to your garden.
  • Stay On Theme: Stay true to the farmhouse landscaping design and theme when selecting decor. Opt for rustic elements like Adirondack chairs, cosy built-in benches with cushions, or even vintage oak barrels. These choices will blend harmoniously with the country garden style, unlike sleek and modern decorations.

Farmhouse Landscaping Ideas

  1. Fence

A white picket fence is a timeless symbol of country living. It not only adds a charming touch to your outdoor area but also marks the boundaries of your space. If you're looking for a different option with great curb appeal, you might consider a classic post and rail fence.

  1. Mellow Flower Shades

In a classic farmhouse setting, plants play a role in making the home feel cosy and balancing out the rugged, old-fashioned style. Sticking to this traditional vibe, farmhouse gardens usually feature calm and gentle colours like soft purples, blues, reds, and pinks. These subtle shades help the plants blend in and don't steal the spotlight from the simple and practical farmhouse charm.

  1. Walkways

You can make winding paths in your yard by using gravel or crushed stone. These paths don't just serve a purpose, they also give your yard a charming, country-style vibe. If you prefer a more traditional look, you can go for a pathway made of stones. And if you have a flower garden, you can create a nice-looking path through it with mulch. It's a simple and budget-friendly way to get that perfect look you want.

  1. Herb and Vegetable Garden

Staying true to the concept that a farmhouse landscaping design should be both functional and have a "useful" style, it's essential to have herb and vegetable gardens. These gardens are usually placed openly in the sideyard or where everyone can see them, and they serve a practical purpose. Having these gardens is a classic feature of farmhouse landscaping.

  1. Board And Batten Siding

Add board and batten siding to things like pergolas, sheds, or fences outside to give them that classic farmhouse look. Board and batten siding is a set of wide vertical boards (the "boards") with narrower vertical strips (the "battens") covering the seams between them. These vertical lines draw the eye upward, giving structures a tall and stately appearance. They’re often made from rough-sawn or distressed wood, which enhances its rustic charm. This weathered look is reminiscent of older farmhouses and contributes to the vintage, lived-in feel that is characteristic of farmhouse landscaping.

  1. Full Border Plantings

In farmhouse landscaping, you'll often see dense rows of plants around the borders, and you won't see much bare soil or mulch. Farmhouse style is all about being practical and useful, and it doesn't match with spending a lot of time spreading mulch or trimming plants. Instead, the idea is to fill the garden beds with lots of plants, so they grow close together, covering the soil and keeping out weeds without a lot of extra fuss.

  1. Seating Areas

Make your outdoor space cosy and welcoming by adding comfy furniture like wooden benches, Adirondack chairs, or a porch swing. You can create a simple seating spot by putting a classic picnic table in your yard. It's the perfect place to relax and soak in the beauty of your surroundings.

  1. Try a Fire Pit

Every farmhouse needs a fire pit. Whether it's a portable one or part of the garden's design, having a fire pit gives your outdoor space that classic cosy feel. To make it easy to take care of and safe, you can plant fire-resistant greenery like evergreen trees, sedges, or just some grass around your fire pit. This keeps your outdoor area looking nice without a lot of work or worry.

  1. Vintage Accessorising

Add some old-time charm to your yard by using vintage items like antique watering cans, old signs, and ancient garden tools. These things can give your outdoor space a unique and nostalgic feel. Just remember not to go too crazy with them because the "modern" part of this design is all about keeping things practical and not overly fancy.

  1.  Lighting

Put up outdoor lights that look rustic or have an industrial style, like lanterns or hanging lights. This will make your place feel like a cosy farmhouse and also give you good light for doing stuff outside. It's amazing how the right kind of lighting can make your house and yard look fantastic!

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A Note To Our Readers

Farmhouse landscaping is a fusion of artistry and functionality, encapsulating the essence of rural living within the context of modern life. It is a design philosophy that celebrates simplicity, authenticity, and harmony with nature. Whether you're transforming your property into a farmhouse haven or simply incorporating farmhouse landscaping designs, the principles of balance, practicality, and natural beauty should guide your journey.

From the picturesque white picket fences to the rustic barn wood accents, every detail in farmhouse landscaping tells a story and evokes a sense of nostalgia for a simpler time. The use of native plants, heirloom varieties, and sustainable practices not only adds to the aesthetic charm but also contributes to ecological resilience.

Remember that farmhouse landscaping is highly adaptable and can be tailored to your specific tastes and needs. Whether you live in the heart of the countryside or a suburban neighbourhood, you can infuse the warmth and character of farmhouse style into your outdoor space.

As you embark on your farmhouse landscaping adventure, take your time to plan, experiment with different elements, and enjoy the creative process. Ultimately, your farmhouse landscape ideas will be a testament to the deep connection between your home and the natural world that surrounds it. Embrace the charm, simplicity, and timelessness of farmhouse landscaping, and let your outdoor space reflect the beauty of rural life, no matter where you are.

Farmhouse Landscaping FAQs

1. What is a farmhouse landscape?

Modern farmhouse landscape design is a trendy way of blending old-fashioned farm charm with today's sleek design ideas to make a welcoming and balanced outdoor area.

2. How do you landscape around a farmhouse?

When it comes to landscaping around farmhouses, you'll typically see lush, dense plantings around the borders, and you won't see much-exposed soil or mulch. Farmhouse design is all about a practical and functional appearance, and it doesn't match the idea of spending a lot of time on mulching and meticulous trimming.

3. What makes a house a farmhouse style?

A classic farmhouse usually has one and a half to two floors and looks a bit uneven in shape, with a triangular roof at the front. These houses keep things pretty simple, with open layouts inside, a chimney in the middle, and sometimes a porch that goes all the way around the front.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1 acre in Bangalore could cost around 55-60 lakhs.
2. Is it good to buy agricultural land in Bangalore?
100%! Agricultural land in Bangalore is a dream come true, given the area, location, and the returns offered at your investment.
3. Which area is best for agriculture in Karnataka?
Naganpally is considered to be a prime location for an investment considering the attractions in its close vicinity amongst others such as Gulbarga, Belagavi, Tumakuru, Raichur, Vijayapura, Bagalkot, etc.
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