Know the Difference Between Residential and Farm Plot Investment in Bangalore

Published on:
May 10, 2023

There comes a time in life when each of your decisions counts: you are finally seeing the fruits of your effort, and surely you are looking to take the next step; you may be thinking: "How can I make my assets grow?" An excellent option to start your investing career is to put your eyes on the ground since it provides you with financial support and offers you the opportunity to generate long-term returns.

Buying a Farm plot in Bangalore is ideal to start your family assets, which you can even inherit to your children. Keep in mind that investing is not the same as spending. Before making this important decision, you should know that there are two types of plot or land that you can acquire to start your investment portfolio without spending a lot of money:

• Residential plots

• Investment in farm plots

Differences Between a Residential Plot and a Farm Plot in Bangalore

1. Construction and structure

There are key characteristics between both types of plots; among them are the following:

Residential plots are urbanized land. This type of land is characterized by having primary services such as electricity, water and drainage; this allows you to build your house to your measurements without having to think about the expenses that the urbanization process entails. This type of land is very versatile, whether you are thinking of building the house you always dreamed of or an investment tool. Thanks to its infrastructure, the value of residential land increases significantly in a short time; you just need to find the right location.

For their part, the investment in Managed farm plots in Bangalore is considered newer land without any type of construction, without urbanization or services. Basically, it is a piece of land waiting for an investor who is looking to generate high returns in the long term. Although maintenance costs are low and the time you will spend is minimal, the use that you can give it is as an investment instrument with which you will have to wait up for few years to see your money grow. These managed farm plots also offer to build a sense of your own community with the desired designs and infrastructure.

2. Property value

The price between both types of properties varies considerably:

The cost of a residential plot is a little higher. This is due to the infrastructure that surrounds your land. It seems like a bad feature, but let's keep the following in mind: most of this type of land is located within residential developments with amenities that increase its value.

These characteristics ensure the growth of the capital gain of your land, which could generate returns of up to 30% per year, which represents, yes, a great success for your pocket.

Yes, the cost of an investment in a farm plot is less. By not having the infrastructure or any type of construction, the value of the land tends to be lower, so it is a good option if you have a reduced budget, as long as you do not have in mind to build a house since they are not enabled for this purpose. These types of investments are long-term, so you can generate great returns, although you must be patient since it will take few years for their value to increase.

3. Maintenance expenses

Residential plots are medium-term investments, so the first year's maintenance costs will be minimal. But, yes, you will have the infrastructure to have all the services, so you will not have to worry about payments until the moment you decide to build on it.

Once you buy a Farm plot in Bangalore, the investment will be considered as a secure investment and will not require any type of maintenance, so you will practically let your money grow while you rest at home; this type of investment is long-term. Now, if you decide to build within your land, the development costs will be on your own, or the seller can offer it.

4. Investment/returns

Residential plots: depending on where you buy your land, you will get the benefits, remember that location is the key; For example, if you invest in a real estate development with great growth opportunities, your residential plot can increase its value considerably. Yes, the cost is higher, but the capital gain of your land is insured.

Investment in farm plots: being a lower value real estate, you will need low capital to start your investment now; you will need to be very patient to begin to perceive your returns. Managed Farm plot in Bangalore is a decision you will have to take to make things sweeter for you as this investment offers the opportunity to reap more than what you sow

5. Return on investment time

Residential plots: they are considered medium-term investment tools; that is, in a period of 1 to 5 years, the urbanization process will be ready, and so you can build or sell your land at a higher price after that time.

Investment in farm plots: in relation to cost/benefit, investment in farm plots in Bangalore offer you great opportunities to grow your money in an estimated period of time, so you will need the patience to see the fruits of your decision.

As you can see, both tools represent a great opportunity for your wealth and your pocket; you just need to decide which is the option that best suits your budget and decision making; for that, Nimbus Agro Farms will help you keep building your investment career with our guide and discover which is the best option to invest in these times.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does 1 acre of land cost in Bangalore?
1 acre in Bangalore could cost around 55-60 lakhs.
2. Is it good to buy agricultural land in Bangalore?
100%! Agricultural land in Bangalore is a dream come true, given the area, location, and the returns offered at your investment.
3. Which area is best for agriculture in Karnataka?
Naganpally is considered to be a prime location for an investment considering the attractions in its close vicinity amongst others such as Gulbarga, Belagavi, Tumakuru, Raichur, Vijayapura, Bagalkot, etc.
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